About Us


Our Mission

The company was set up in 2018 by Tony Cambridge MSc. BSc. Lead Biomedical Scientist, who is the managing director. With over 20 years experience in Blood Sciences and more recently Pathology management, Tony set out to provide affordable training opportunities to healthcare organisations through a number of different ways, from small group seminars to large healthcare events which aim to bring industry experts together for networking and learning opportunities.

Tony chairs and speaks regularly at healthcare conferences and educational days for events companies and diagnostic companies. Many of these events are in the UK but increasingly Tony is invited to speak on the global stage most recently in Lisbon and Madrid, and in 2019 at MedLab in Dubai. He is also a member of a global diagnostics company's scientific advisory committee.

Tony regularly consults for companies within the healthcare sector and has built a wide network over many years where knowledge and experience can be drawn upon.


Experience and Professionalism

 You can be assured that our services are of a very high quality and we are committed to delivering output in line with your expectation and beyond


Diagnostics, point of care testing, training and events

We understand how difficult it is to attend off site training.

We understand that your organisation may be resource challenged.

We keep event costs low and the quality of the content high to deliver what you need.

That's why we can come to you whilst also providing events in accessible areas of the country